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What's new in the Cisco DevNet certification?

What's new in the Cisco DevNet Certification?

Cisco Certification is one of the most demanding and career-oriented certifications that always inspire IT, professionals. The Cisco professional exam provides a simple and swift way to recognize your technical knowledge, skills, and experience in the market. Recently, Cisco has introduced a new road map of certification with the title of DevNet certification. The Cisco DevNet certification is quite different as compared to the Cisco convention certification exam. The Cisco Certifications are designed for both network professionals and software developers. Now you can optimize and write applications for the new network and have the option to choose the technology skills they want to develop. This can be possible with the DevNet certifications and training. The new DevNet Cisco certifications are classified into different levels, such as Associate, specialist, professional and expert categories. These certifications will validate and recognize your skills and knowledge through different written exam. You can get greater opportunities after passing the DevNet Certification.     

What is the DevNet Associate Certification?

This upcoming DevNet Associate certification is designed for developers who have one or more years of experience in developing and maintaining applications. These applications are must be built on Cisco platforms. Through DevNet Associate certification, you can validate your core knowledge and skills of Cisco platforms, Cisco programmability expertise and developing applications. To earn the badge of this certification, you have to pass the written DevNet Associate single exam.

What is the DevNet Specialist Certification?

To certify skills and accelerate your application career, the DevNet Specialist certification is the ideal choice. This certification is particularly designed for those developers who have two or five years of hands-on experience in development, operations, infrastructure, and security. Your knowledge and skills that are required for working on the Cisco platform and devices are tested with the handwritten DevNet certification.

What is the DevNet Professional certification?

The DevNet professional certification is designed for those developers who have at least three to five years of experience in designing and implementing applications that are built on the Cisco platform. To get certified in DevNet professional you have to pass one core exam and one concentration exam.

 Conclusion – Choose the best and that perfectly matches with your interest and career goals and start preparing today. To pass Cisco DevNet challenging exam is not an easy job, a lot of time and commitment are required to pass this final exam. So start today and get a reward tomorrow.  Best of Luck in your final Cisco DevNet Exam.


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