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Cisco DevNet Professional Certification Overview

Cisco DevNet Professional Certification Overview

Today the business is interconnected through internet-based networking and targeting the customers in a better way. The demand of automation and experts is increasing a large scale. The IT professional should take advantage of this new trend. With the new Cisco DevNet certification programs, you can certify your skills, knowledge, and experience in application design, software development, and automation. The new Cisco DevNet certification is designed into associate, specialist, and professional levels. Having this certification means that you can start wherever you are and take your career at the highest peak level. Whether you’re a software designer, developer, networking experts, or some of them both, DevNet certifications give you the competitive edge to stand out in the crowd. You can recognize your skills and expertise worldwide.

What is Cisco Certified DevNet Professional?

Today, we talk about the Cisco Certified DevNet professional exam, this exam is designed for developers who have at least three to five years of experience of designing, configuring and implementing applications. This exam will prove the developer's skills in developing, configuring and maintaining an application built on Cisco platforms. To earn the credentials of DevNet Professional certification, you have to pass two exams: the first exam deals the core software development and design for Cisco platforms. The second exam is a concentration exam of your choice from the following technology and the subject areas such as enterprise automation, data center automation, , service provider automation, service provider automation, DevOps automation, security automation and Developing Webex solution or , etc. So in the second exam, you have the choice to customize your certification as per your area of interest. 

1.    Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Core Exam

    Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs (DEVCOR 350-901)

2.    Cisco Certified DevNet Professional Concentration Exam (Choose One)

    Automating and Programming Cisco Enterprise Solutions (ENAUTO 300-435)

    Automating and Programming Cisco Service Provider Solutions (SPAUTO 300-535)

    Automating and Programming Cisco Security Solutions (SAUTO 300-735)

    Automating and Programming Cisco Collaboration Solutions (CLAUTO 300-835)

    Automating and Programming Cisco Data Center Solutions (DCAUTO 300-635)

    Developing Solutions using Cisco IoT and Edge Platforms (300-915)

    Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices (300-920)

    Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices Cisco Platforms (DEVOPS 300-910)

What are Cisco DevNet Professional Certification Benefits?

Cisco DevNet professional certification benefits are countless. Some main personal and career benefits are given below. 

1.    Opportunity to learn about the power of Cisco technology

2.    Build your career with Cisco a multi-national top 10- technology company 

3.    Build & promote your business with Cisco applications, technology, and platforms

4.    Part of the Cisco community and Cisco ecosystem of innovation

5.    Put that Cisco DevNet Professional certification badge

6.    Can recognize your skills, knowledge, and experience worldwide 

What Cisco DevNet Professional Certification Career Prospects?

 With Cisco DevNet Professional Certification you can start and promote your career in the following job roles.

1.    Software specialist DevOps or IoT

2.    Software specialist Core or Webex

3.    Data Center Automation expert

4.    Automation specialist

5.    Service, Security and data center Automation expert

Do you have a plan to enroll in the first exam, you would register yourself for the Cisco DevNet Professional certification exam today and start . So, that you can sit in the exam with confidence and pass the exam in the first attempt. Good Luck in the final DevNet professional exam.


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