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4- Most Asking FAQ for Cisco DevNet Certifications


Cisco is a well-known brand in the IT network and communication sector. This company holds the highest market share in network and communication services and products. Cisco offers a wide range of routing and switching products that are used in small, medium and large size enterprises worldwide.

Cisco also offers a wide array of certification programs for IT professionals and developers. These certification programs start from entry-level, then advance to associate, professional and finally experts levels. Recently the company announced a new type of DevNet certification program for IT professionals and developers.

Let’s talk about the DevNet certifications.

Q1. What is Cisco DevNet Certification?

Cisco DevNet is Cisco’s developer program that has been recently announced by Cisco. This program is designed for IT professionals and developers who want to develop applications and integrate their newly developed program with Cisco products, platforms, and APIs. Cisco DevNet includes various Cisco products such as the internet of things, mobility, cloud data center, security, and software-defined networking, etc.  

Cisco has introduced new DevNet training and certification programs that factor in the evolving responsibilities of IT managers and developers.

Q2. What’s the difference between Cisco DevNet and traditional certifications?

The Cisco traditional certifications such as CCIE, CCNA, CCNP are the top salary paid certification programs and are popular in network engineers worldwide. Whereas Cisco DevNet is the subset of Cisco certifications that are designed to validate the software expertise in the areas of programming, DevOps, automation, and programming. 

This table shows the difference of Cisco traditional certifications and DevNet.

Certifications Level

Cisco Traditional Certifications

Network Engineer Path

Cisco DevNet Certifications Software Developer Path












Expert (Future offering)


Q3. What are 4 Cisco DevNet certifications and their differences?

Cisco DevNet Certifications are classified into 4 categories. With DevNet certification options at the associate, specialist, professional and expert level you can boost up your career at the highest peak level. It is time to take advantage of the new up-coming opportunities in software development, application design and automation.  Whether you are networking engineer, software developer or some of the both, DevNet certifications will offer you a competitive edge and stand out you in the crowd.

Let's talk further about the differences Cisco DevNet certifications in details

Certifications Level

Who can participate?


Job Roles


One or more years of hands-on experience maintaining & developing applications built on Cisco platforms.

Core knowledge of Cisco technologies and platforms. Verify your skills working with Cisco applications, strategy and APIs.

Junior developer

Junior level engineer

Junior Apps developer

Junior Cloud developer

Junior Automation expert

Junior DevOps Engineer


3-5 years of experience application development, security, or infrastructure.

Specialized expertise & knowledge that connect operations, development, security and network operations in an environment focused on continuous delivery of applications and services using Cisco platforms and devices

1. Software Specialist with a specialization in Core, , , and Webex.

2. Automation experts with specialization in , data center automation, service provider automation and security automation



At least 3-5 years of experience designing and implementing applications built on Cisco platforms

Two exams cover designing and developing resilient, robust and secure applications using Cisco APIs and platforms, applications on Cisco infrastructure

Sr. Developer

Sr. Software Engineer

Application developer

Site reliability engineer

Sr. Automation Engineer

Automation Engineer


The detail of this level is not announced yet by Cisco.




Q4. How to get the Cisco DevNet certifications?

Visit these official Cisco certification pages to learn the ways.


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